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We do dissertations of any length for Masters and even PhD students. We do in depth research of secondary sources and we also conduct primary research and produce results and derivations using statistical methods. The topics covered in the dissertations would normally be research objectives, primary research, secondary research or literature review, sampling, data populations, surveys and interviews, analysis of tools using statistical data etc. We are proud to proclaim that students have used the dissertations done by us to pass in high grades. We normally do dissertations on business management topics. If required we can also do dissertations on health and nursing subjects.

Module Assignments

We do assignments required by the students to submit at the end of course modules. The salient feature of these types of assignments is that they need to cover the learning in the modules while answering the assignment questions. The assignments are also required to follow the given structure and use the recommended referencing style. We adhere to all the assignment requirements and produce custom made essay or report as required by the assignment. We do module assignments on literally any subject such as marketing, strategy, change management, human resource, leadership, organizational development, nursing, healthcare, occupational health and safety, environment, ecology to name a few.

Research Papers

Some of the assignments required by the curriculum are researches and research proposals. Either the student can provide topic for the research or we suggest a research topic and produce research proposal within the word limit given in the assignment description. We also do actual research and produce a research paper that covers data collection from primary and secondary sources, data analysis, recommendations etc. We provide a copy of survey questions and/or interview questions as applicable to the research in the form of appendix. Appendix/appendices are provided to you free of cost. We do research papers on all business management topics, information technology, nursing and healthcare.

Market Research

We do market analysis using suggested frameworks such as PESTEL, Porter’s 5 Forces, BCG Matrix and company analysis using SWOT framework etc. Market research normally includes secondary research of scholarly articles on the subject as well as current information available in newspapers and other publications. Sometimes primary research is also carried out in terms of structured and semi-structured interviews if required by the assignment.

Project Reports

Some of the B School requirements are to produce project reports on company start up, expansion, launch of a new product etc. We prepare project reports, which are realistic and yet cover the course teachings. We use WBS or Work Breakdown Structure, Gantt charts, flow charts along with tables for budgets, communication plan, responsibility assignment matrix ec. in order to make the report more graphic and depictive.


We do critique of research papers as required by the assignments. We do extensive research on the topic and use theoretical frameworks to critique the given article or research paper. We also discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the arguments carried out in the article or research paper. We do critique of article on research paper on literally any discipline such as nursing, healthcare, environmental sciences etc.

OHS & ISO Compliancee

We do assignments and prepare reports on Occupational Health and Safety as per the description. The report includes the use and discussion of real life cases, applicable OHS laws, and governmental regulations etc. The assignments would include code of conduct, breach of any laws, recommendations etc. The assignments on ISO will have analysis and applicability of ISO code to any given case or scenario in the assignment description.

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Strategic Management

Porter’s approach using macro and micro environmental scan, Mintzberg’s Emergent strategy, Whittington’s Classical, Processual, Evolutionary and Systemic approaches, Fayol’s 14 Principles of Management, Balanced Scorecard, Blue Ocean Strategy


Motivation & Retention, Turnover among Employees, Training & Development, Recruitment, Performance and Reward Management, Employee-Employer Relationship, HR Planning


Best fit, Best Practice, Resource based view, The Harvard Framework, Storey’s Hard and Soft HRM, High Performance Management, High Commitment Management, High Involvement Management


Great Man Theories, Trait Theories, Situational Theories, Participative Theories, Relationship Theories, Leadership Styles- Transformational, Emergent, Democratic, Autocratic, Charismatic, Lassize-Faire, Transactional.

Knowledge Management

Capturing Tacit Knowledge, Knowledge database, KM Initiatives in Organizations, Case Studies, Knowledge as Organizational Resource, KM Strategies- Cross-project learning, Knowledge mapping, Mentoring, Rewards

Operations Management

Supply Chain Management, Capacity Planning- Forecasting, Demand Analysis, Market Research, Cost Management, Cost Reduction, Lean Manufacturing, Just in Time Approach, Jidoka, Total Quality Management, Six Sigma, Waste Reduction, Capacity Utilization

Supply Chain Management

Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Inventory, Distribution, Flow of goods, services, cash and information, Warehousing, Customer Relationship Management, Requirement Chain Management, Material Requirements Planning

Change Management

Prosci’s ADKAR Model, Lewin’s Change Management model, Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model, McKinsey’s 7 S Model, Bridge’s Transition Model, Burke-Litwin’s Model, Kubler-Ross Five Stage Change Curve, Change Implementation- Communication, Sense of urgency, Empowerment, Delegation, Milestones, Review


4Ps Marketing mix, Porter’s Five Forces, Market Entry strategies, PESTLE, SWOT, Market Positioning, BCG Matrix, Market Segmentation, Porter’s Generic Strategy- Cost leadership, differentiation & Segmentation, Integrated Marketing Communication, Online Marketing

Decision Making

Decision making in Organizations, Decision making and leadership styles, Simon’s Normative Model, Vroom-Yetton-Jago Decision Making Model, Kepner-Tregoe Matrix, Pareto Analysis, Grid Analysis, Decision Tree Analysis, Break-Even Analysis

Business Plan

Start-up plan, Expansion plan, Business objectives, Mission & Vision statements, Competitive analysis, Market Analysis, Risk Identification and mitigation, Time plan, Finance Plan- Start up Cost, Profit and Loss Forecast, Projected balance sheet, Projected Cash Flow analysis


Project Implementation Plan, Scope, Assumptions, Constraints, Work Breakdown Structure, Responsibility Assignment Matrix, Project Communication Plan, Budget Plan, Time Plan, Gantt Chart, Issue and Change Management Plan, Project Closure

CSR & Ethics

Ethics, Corporate Ethics, Ethical Models, Ethical Dilemmas, Ethical Decision Making models- Utilitarian, Moral rights, Justice, Corporate Social Responsibility- Obstructionist, Defensive, Accommodative & Proactive approaches


Neo-natal care, Nursing Intervention and decision making in Critical Care Unit, Eliciting optimal patient response, Role of Registered Nurse as Mentor, Nursing Interventions to prevent para suicides and suicides among Aboriginal in rural Australia, Ethics in Nursing

Occupational Health & Safety

Safety at work place, Hazards, Risks, Outcomes, Workplace hazards- physical, biological, chemical, mechanical & psychological, Risk Assessment, Risk Management, Risk Mitigation, Worker Compensation & Injury Management, Employer rights, Worker rights