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What kind of academic assignments do you do?

We do all kinds of academic assignments for students of Masters, Graduate and Undergraduate courses in business, nursing, information technology, engineering, health sciences etc.

Is your work free of plagiarism?

Yes, we write original essays, research papers, term papers and module assignments. The assignments are subjected to plagiarism check before sent to you.

If I place an order an assignment, what all does your work include?

We do the assignment as per the requirements given. We might seek additional information if the requirements are not clear or only partial. We write the assignment in a MS Word file as per the format required by you. A typical assignment normally includes Executive Summary or Abstract if required as per the description, table of contents, body as per given structure, in-text and bibliographical references, appendix if required. The assignment would also include tables, charts and pictures if the assignment requires them. Please note that we charge only for the assignment body i.e. the text between introduction and conclusion. The rest of the features are offered free of cost.

How do I place the order for the assignment?

You need to go to the Order Now page and fill in your details along with assignment requirements, upload supporting files and make payment using any of PayPal, Visa or Master Cards. Only after receiving the full payment we start working on your assignment.

Do you have a refund scheme?

We do refund the entire or part payment if you are not happy with the work and if you cite valid reasons to substantiate your claims. If you are serious about the work you order, it is unlikely that it ever happens that we make refund. We are confident about delivering excellent quality work within the deadline.

Do you make revisions to the work?

Yes, we do make revisions free of cost if the assignment we have made partially violated the description. However, for additions that were not previously asked while ordering you need to pay us as per the pay structure given in the Order Now page.

Do you maintain confidentially of identity and work sought by me?

Yes, we maintain absolute confidentiality of your identity as well as your work. We never compromise with this philosophy of ours.

Can I order only a part of the assignment or addition to an already done assignment?

Yes, you can order only a part of the assignment, revision of an assignment or order addition to an already done work. We readily help at any stage of your assignment work. You need to get a separate quote from us in such cases since this is not a standard complete assignment.

I do not have Credit Card or can make payment by PayPal. How do I make payment?

We accept payment by Western Union and other instant Money Transfer companies, if you are unable to make payment online.

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Strategic Management

Porter’s approach using macro and micro environmental scan, Mintzberg’s Emergent strategy, Whittington’s Classical, Processual, Evolutionary and Systemic approaches, Fayol’s 14 Principles of Management, Balanced Scorecard, Blue Ocean Strategy


Motivation & Retention, Turnover among Employees, Training & Development, Recruitment, Performance and Reward Management, Employee-Employer Relationship, HR Planning


Best fit, Best Practice, Resource based view, The Harvard Framework, Storey’s Hard and Soft HRM, High Performance Management, High Commitment Management, High Involvement Management


Great Man Theories, Trait Theories, Situational Theories, Participative Theories, Relationship Theories, Leadership Styles- Transformational, Emergent, Democratic, Autocratic, Charismatic, Lassize-Faire, Transactional.

Knowledge Management

Capturing Tacit Knowledge, Knowledge database, KM Initiatives in Organizations, Case Studies, Knowledge as Organizational Resource, KM Strategies- Cross-project learning, Knowledge mapping, Mentoring, Rewards

Operations Management

Supply Chain Management, Capacity Planning- Forecasting, Demand Analysis, Market Research, Cost Management, Cost Reduction, Lean Manufacturing, Just in Time Approach, Jidoka, Total Quality Management, Six Sigma, Waste Reduction, Capacity Utilization

Supply Chain Management

Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Inventory, Distribution, Flow of goods, services, cash and information, Warehousing, Customer Relationship Management, Requirement Chain Management, Material Requirements Planning

Change Management

Prosci’s ADKAR Model, Lewin’s Change Management model, Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model, McKinsey’s 7 S Model, Bridge’s Transition Model, Burke-Litwin’s Model, Kubler-Ross Five Stage Change Curve, Change Implementation- Communication, Sense of urgency, Empowerment, Delegation, Milestones, Review


4Ps Marketing mix, Porter’s Five Forces, Market Entry strategies, PESTLE, SWOT, Market Positioning, BCG Matrix, Market Segmentation, Porter’s Generic Strategy- Cost leadership, differentiation & Segmentation, Integrated Marketing Communication, Online Marketing

Decision Making

Decision making in Organizations, Decision making and leadership styles, Simon’s Normative Model, Vroom-Yetton-Jago Decision Making Model, Kepner-Tregoe Matrix, Pareto Analysis, Grid Analysis, Decision Tree Analysis, Break-Even Analysis

Business Plan

Start-up plan, Expansion plan, Business objectives, Mission & Vision statements, Competitive analysis, Market Analysis, Risk Identification and mitigation, Time plan, Finance Plan- Start up Cost, Profit and Loss Forecast, Projected balance sheet, Projected Cash Flow analysis


Project Implementation Plan, Scope, Assumptions, Constraints, Work Breakdown Structure, Responsibility Assignment Matrix, Project Communication Plan, Budget Plan, Time Plan, Gantt Chart, Issue and Change Management Plan, Project Closure

CSR & Ethics

Ethics, Corporate Ethics, Ethical Models, Ethical Dilemmas, Ethical Decision Making models- Utilitarian, Moral rights, Justice, Corporate Social Responsibility- Obstructionist, Defensive, Accommodative & Proactive approaches


Neo-natal care, Nursing Intervention and decision making in Critical Care Unit, Eliciting optimal patient response, Role of Registered Nurse as Mentor, Nursing Interventions to prevent para suicides and suicides among Aboriginal in rural Australia, Ethics in Nursing

Occupational Health & Safety

Safety at work place, Hazards, Risks, Outcomes, Workplace hazards- physical, biological, chemical, mechanical & psychological, Risk Assessment, Risk Management, Risk Mitigation, Worker Compensation & Injury Management, Employer rights, Worker rights